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Sunday DOUBLES - 5/8 starts 10:00.

Sunday DOUBLES - 5/8 starts 10:00.

OBS! Handicap rules apply! For every competition licens player (or has ever been licensed) the opponent gets 4 points to start with! Se more info below*

Maximum 64 teams.
Minimum two games for everyone. (knock-out with A+B playoffs) Starts sunday 5/8 10:00, every game starts on 4-4 and is played until finished. All gameplay is paused during the Tanca-shooting play-offs finale at 14:00-15:00.

(maximum 30 seconds per throw is applied)
200SEK per team. 

*Handicap rules!
F.e. in doubles, if one team has 2 licensed (or previous licensed players.)
And the opponent-team has never had any licens. +8 points is awarded when the game starts.
And because of games start from 4-4 it means it will stand 12-4 to the unlicensed team when the game starts.
Other example: one team has one licens player and one without, playing against a team with licenses, then the team is awarded +4, so in this case game starts att 8-4.
200 SEK