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Tanca shooting qualifier - 3 tries [EARLYBIRD]

Tanca shooting qualifier - 3 tries [EARLYBIRD]

Special price for early birds! Only 30 earlybird-tickets available until 30th of june 2018!
You get three Tanca Shooting tries for 100SEK (ordinary price 50SEK per try).

The qualifier is open from friday 3/8 17:00 until sunday 5/8 12:00.
The play-off for top 16 from qualification is beeing held at the centrecourt with live commentator sunday 5/8 13:00-14:00.

Tanca-shooting prize-money is set to the astonishing amount of 25.000 SEK (≈2.500EUR) !!! 🏆🎉

The winner of the playoffs takes home 20.000 SEK (≈2.000EUR) !!! 👏🏾

Winner of the qualifing round wins 5.000 SEK (≈500EUR) !!! 👌🏼

Plus if a WR (World Record) is set, 3000SEK(≈300EUR) goes to the new World Record holder !!! ✌🏽

The WR is held by Belgium world champ Michel van Campenhout with 68 points, set in Stockholm at LaMajo the 5th of August 2017. 
He took over the WR from the French super star Dylan Rocher who had the old record of 67 points set in Gothenburg 28th of november 2015.

150 SEK